Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding

rusula in Split City Museum

Split has always been a beautiful town. I’m not just talking about the city and its surrounding area, but our fashion conscious inhabitants. As the days grow longer and the weather settles, we love to dress up in our best clothes and parade up and down the Riva. As the many photographers capture the most striking men and women, every moment is a catwalk opportunity.  Continue reading “Symbolic Clothes for a Symbolic Wedding”

Space for possible dreams

There is nothing like an evening meander through an ancient village; watch out for the little wine shop and a rough flight of stairs to your right. Head up there through people’s gardens, and keep climbing. You’ll eventually see a brown sign pointing to a viewpoint and the church of Sv. Trojstvo (Holy Trinity). Look out for the rocky path underfoot, but keep an eye on the view behind you as you rise above the trees. Continue reading “Space for possible dreams”